Top 10 Benefits of Timeslips

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  1. A complete solution, from time and expense entry, via analysis and reporting through to invoicing and sales ledger.
  2. Enter Time and Expense records from your desk or via the Internet as hours:minutes ,or hours.decimal or via a stopwatch..
  3. Multiple charging rates for clients, timekeepers and tasks or any combination of them.
  4. Work-in-progress reports by client and timekeeper always up-to-date and instantly available.
  5. Billable amount can be determined by one of many Billing Arrangements which include:
    – Surcharges or discounts on part or all of the work
    – Absolute flat fees
    – Maximum or minimum flat fees
    – Progress Billing
    – Percent Billing
    – And Contingency Billing
  6. Powerful Billing Assistant module allows any authorised Timekeeper to check, amend and generate bills in the clients’ preferred format.  This also extends to the more complex electronic bill formats required by the top 15 clearing houses, including LEDES 98.
  7. Manage your receivables with the aged-debt analysis reports.
  8. Check profitability and productivity by client and timekeeper.
  9. Provide accurate progress reports by client on demand.
  10. Over 100 reports supplied with the system or design and build your own reports