Electronic Bill Delivery

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If you have corporate clients who require that their bills are submitted in a certain format then Electronic Bill Delivery may be for you.  Sage Timeslips can generate bills for these clients in the format required and the deliver them electronically.  Please take a look at the list at the bottom of this page to see if the bill format you require is catered for

*Please note, there is an additional charge for this add-on*

Electronic Bill Delivery allows you to:

  • Specify an e-bill format for each client in Sage Timeslips
  • Print your bills to the e-bill file format
  • Send your e-bills as required by your clients

The Sage Timeslips electronic billing add-on supports all of the following formats:

  • Chubb Legalgard
  • CLASS Audit
  • Data Clearinghouse
  • Examen
  • F&D Legalgard
  • General Accounting Legalgard
  • Great American Legalgard
  • Law Audit Service (LAS)
  • LEDES 97
  • LEDES 98
  • Legal Bill Format
  • Legalgard
  • Legal Solutions Suite
  • Pro Fee Manager by Peerpoint
  • TyMetrix
  • Vik Brothers Legalgard