Full Management Control

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Individual Timekeeper Preferences

When Timeslips is installed on a network, each workstation can be set up with different menus and settings to reflect the needs of the individual user.  Users can also customise it in such a way that it makes the process of entering slips, or generating bills, easier.

Timekeeper Logins

Users can be given individual login names and passwords.  Along with security profiles they can personalise the program to the user.  At the basic level, a user can create time and expense slips but these are regarded as provisional until validated by a senior user.  Beyond this, the menus presented to each user can be structured to include only those areas which are appropriate to the user.

Security Profiles

Security profiles can be designed by a manager or supervisor and assigned to an individual or a group of users.  These profiles permit or deny access to sections of the program. As an example, many users could generate a bill for a client, but only those with the necessary permissions can approve and finalise the bill.  The menus can also contain the list of reports that a user can access.