How Timeslips Works

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Sage Timeslips is a time and expense recording system which allows you to accurately invoice for your time and track the profitability of the work that you do.

Timekeepers enter their time into slips and that time can then be reported on using one of the many reports that come with the software. You can use them to track the time spent on a Client, what time has been chargeable or non-chargeable and even the Work In Progress. This allows you to have a clear overall view of your business at any point in time.

Invoicing can be done individually or in bulk with the option to print out the invoice or send it via email. You can set up billing arrangements for each client which tells the software whether they’re being charged per hour, flat fee or another arrangement.

Once an invoice has been printed and approved, Timeslips updates the client and staff history records and marks the slips as billed. This means that slips cannot be billed twice and the profitability of a job or a Timekeeper can be readily determined

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