Easy to install

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Take the FREE 10 minute tour and see how TimeSheet Professional can transform your business.

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The demo database lets you see how TimeSheet is so easy to set up and use.

A simple step by step wizard takes you through the installation.  Once Timeslips has been installed it can be set up to suit the way you run your business.

Timekeeper logins

Timekeepers can log in with a name and password, which determines what level of access they have to the system and how the system is viewed on their screen.

Detailed records

Clients, projects and tasks can be identified by name and/or number.  You can also add references to the client which can then be selected in the task.


Timeslips comes with a design feature which allows you to modify your invoices to contain your logo and even your terms and conditions.

Text import

Timeslips contains an in-built text import utility which allows you to import data from other applications (if you can produce it in a delimited text file).  Being able to import information such as client names, addresses, balances, rates, task lists and more will drastically cut down on setup time.