Easy customisation to meet your business needs

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The demo database lets you see how TimeSheet is so easy to set up and use.

Custom Fields

Track the information that is important to you.  Timeslips allows you to create up to 30 custom fields for each of clients or projects, timekeepers and tasks.

Custom Preferences

You can customise Timeslips to fit around your working pattern rather than you changing to fit in with it.  Edit terminology, create your own custom categories and even turn off features you don’t use.

Customisable Reporting

There are over 100 predefined reports in Timeslips which have been designed and refined over the years to allow you to get at the information you want in a manner that’s easy to read.  If you can’t find a report that does exactly what you want it to, Timeslips will help you design a report that does.

Report design

Timeslips also comes with a report design wizard which takes you through each step to create detailed or summary reports and graphs in your desired format.

Report preview

With so many reports available in Timeslips you’re not going to remember what every report looks like.  In the report window you are able to select the report and view an example of what the report looks like to the right hand side of it.  You can also click to view a full example.