In-depth Reporting

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Timeslips is supplied with over 100 pre-written reports dealing with most aspects of staff and client activity. These reports can be further amended with reference to the many custom fields available for client and staff records.

Report Design

In addition to customising the standard reports, the Timeslips Report Writer allows users access to most Timeslips data fields to be incorporated into reports of their own design.  Furthermore, the Report Writer offers the capability to incorporate calculations into reports.  This means that a simple report showing the time or the value of the time on a project year to date can compare this with a custom field showing the total time or value budgeted for this stage of completion.

Report Preview

Each report is accompanied by a brief description, a thumbnail example and a working model, so the choice of report is simplified.  Some reports generate graphs or pie charts and most reports can be directed to the display screen, a choice of printers or to Excel, CSV or PDF files.

Interactive reports

In addition, many reports provide a ‘drill down’ facility to access the underlying data, edit it and view the effect of the change in the report.

Print to MS Excel, MS Word, .pdf and text

Most Timeslips report can be printed into these formats.