Fast, easy, accurate time and expense entry

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Entering Time and Expenses

Timeslips tracks time and expense entries using “slips”.  Timekeepers create individual slips by selecting the client or project from a list, followed by the task or expense heading. They can then enter notes which can appear on future bills.

Slip Entry

Once you have selected your Timekeeper, client, activity and/or reference it’s a simple case of entering time spent and selecting the rate.  Other features of the slips include a stopwatch to record your time as you work, selecting all or part of the time as Do Not Bill, markup/markdown and entering up to 2000 characters of descriptive text which will add detail to your future bill.  Expenses are recorded in the same way, but with quantity and price, rather than hours and rate.

Time Sheet Entry

Alternatively, there is a Timesheet entry module which provides a spreadsheet-type interface for Timekeepers who switch from one job to another throughout the day.  The Timesheet entry can also accommodate expenses and includes a simple stopwatch timer.


TimeCapture is an application that can load automatically when you start your workstation and automatically track your time, based on the applications and windows that you access.  Rules can be set up to determine the way in which your time is tracked, for example, you can exclude certain applications or set up rules that rename, group or merge entries based on the application or windows being tracked.  You can then convert all entries or specific entries into time slips for billing and reporting.

Create Slips by E-mail

Timeslips includes the ability to turn an e-mail into a time or expense slip. Simply send an e-mail in the required format, and a new slip will be created in Timeslips. This feature now makes it possible to create a slip from virtually any Smartphone with e-mail capabilities. The ability to receive slips sent by e-mail requires Microsoft Outlook 2007, 2010 or 2013 on the computer that receives the slips. Receiving slips is not compatible with Outlook Express or Web-based e-mail.

Integration with Microsoft® Outlook®

Timeslips can be linked to Outlook so that items such as e-mails, meetings, appointments, and tasks can be converted into billable slips in just a few clicks.

Spell Check with Grammar Check

With the spell and grammar checks, you can be sure to create error-free slips and bills. An on-screen visual indicator will help you catch misspellings and resolve grammar mistakes.