Comprehensive, effective billing

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The demo database lets you see how TimeSheet is so easy to set up and use.

With centralised control over the billing process, users can easily access and manage their bills. The billing workflow helps create and review bills while tracking the status of individual bills, within one function. The monthly billing run can be replaced by Timekeepers using their knowledge of the status of each job to decide the best time to generate the bill and improve cash flow.

Centralised Billing

With billing focused in the Billing Assistant you can generate, print, approve, clear or revise bills all in one area.  Giving you complete overall control.

Overall view of Billing

You can view existing bills and what needs billing with the click of your mouse.  You can also view detailed billing history and interest calculations for each client.

Design your Bills to look the way you want

The invoice layouts that come with TImeslips can be edited to include your logo and any amount of detail you wish.  You can even edit the font and move sections around to create a format you are happy with.

Bill Preview

By printing bills to display you can ensure that the bill that is sent to the client is correct.  If you find an entry you want to check you can click on it in the bill and Timeslips will bring up the slip that entry relates to.  If you decide to change it the bill will be automatically updated when you save the slip.  Detailed and fully documented bills help to reduce queries and delays in obtaining payment.

Email your Bills and Statements to Clients

The ability to send bills and statements via email ensures a faster delivery and speeds up the credit control process.

Reprint Bills

Reprinted bills – be they to printer or .pdf – may be sent to Clients along with statements as an aid to credit control.  You can select individual invoices to reprint or all outstanding balances.