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Why should I purchase or upgrade with Sage Timeslips?

Timeslips provides the link between recording time and expenses, and receiving payment for work done.  Keeping it up-to-date ensures that it is compatible with the latest releases of Windows and other software, and you get the benefit of new and improved features.

How does network licensing work?

The initial low cost single user licence provides all the Timeslips functions on a stand-alone single user machine. However, when it is installed on a network server, or a terminal server all the functionality becomes available to additional users.  Each additional user requires an extra licence. There is an in-built security system that can restrict access to certain features and types of information.

Can I import data, like my list of clients, from another application?

Timeslips is supplied with a powerful, programmable import utility for client, job, time and expense information.  Timeslips can also be linked with Microsoft Outlook so that new or changed client information is automatically copied between the two applications.  This feature also allows correctly-formatted emails to be converted into slips and gives Timeslips the ability to generate emails.

What e-mail programs are compatible with the E-mail Bills feature?

With Sage Timeslips you can e-mail bills using MAPI-compliant e-mail clients such as Outlook® or Eudora.

Does Sage Timeslips link to accounting programs?

Timeslips includes a full sales ledger system that generates statements and a wealth of reports including aged-debt analysis and payment performance information.  However, many users prefer to use their own existing accounting solution.  In these cases we can supply an export facility to generate a file of invoices for importing into such packages as Sage 50 Accounts Plus or a simple report containing the information for a manual entry into the sales ledger.  These methods preserve the sanctity of the accounting system and prevent any front-office errors being absorbed into the back-office.