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Sage Timeslips in the Legal Profession

With increasing competition in many areas of the legal profession and the pressure to provide transparency and value for fees paid, it has never been more important to keep costs monitored and under control. That’s why ensuring that all time spent on a client or job by fee earners and their support staff is recharged in an accurate and timely manner, along with recoverable expenses, is more important than ever before. Manage this and the results can make a big difference to the profitability of clients and the overall profitability of the firm.

Sage Timeslips Introduction

Sage Timeslips is a Windows PC based project time and expense management solution. It integrates with other systems but can function as a standalone system, giving you more insight and control over how time is spent in your business. Sage Timeslips is a global leader in Time Tracking and has been purchased by thousands of businesses worldwide.

Case Study – ZIMMERs – Solicitors

ZIMMERs ( was founded in 1997 by Gunter Zimmer who recognised that a specialist law firm was needed to provide German legal representation in the UK.  Today, Gunter specialises in the areas of Commercial Law, Tax Planning, Leasing and Insurance Law, while his partners work in the areas of Copyright & Trademark Law, Civil Litigation and European Law.

Their clients are based throughout Europe, although the majority are from the UK, Germany, Austria and Switzerland and they advise them on the best course of action in trans-national affairs, typically in matters involving the client’s home jurisdiction and the UK. The fully integrated multi-jurisdictional service they offer has set them apart from competing firms.

Even in a small practice like ZIMMERs it can be difficult to ensure that all hours and expenses are faithfully recorded. And it is important that clients are billed at te appropriate time and accurately so that queries on fees are eliminated or reduced and cash-flow maintained. That’s why, almost from the day they started, ZIMMERs knew they would need an efficient time and expenses recording system.

After evaluating the market and looking at what other professionals were using as a time management solution, ZIMMERs approached Deepak Sareen Associates who demonstrated Sage Timeslips, showing them that Timeslips had all the functionality they required without any bespoking of the solution.

Benefits of Sage Timeslips

The subsequent implementation went smoothly and ZIMMERs have found over the years that Timeslips provides best-in-class management of Work in Progress and as a result, improved cash flow.

In a business where it is important to record not just face-to-face meeting time, but lengthy phone conversations as well, it can be difficult to ensure that all time spent on a client project is recorded accurately. Using Timeslips makes it easy to record time spent on a client’s work and if anyone forgets to complete their time recording, system alerts can quickly remind users that they are late with their entries.