Chartered Surveyors

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Sage Timeslips for Chartered Surveyors

Like many other professions associated with the building industry, Chartered Surveyors find that their fees are under constant pressure and that with the ever-increasing demands of clients, it has never been harder to keep projects profitable. Ensuring that all time spent on a project is recharged in an accurate and timely manner, along with recoverable expenses, can make a big difference to the profitability of a project and the overall profitability of the firm.

Sage Timeslips Introduction

Sage Timeslips is a Windows PC based project time and expense management software solution. It integrates with other systems but can function as a standalone system, giving you more insight and control over how time is spent in your business. Sage Timeslips is a global leader in Time Tracking and has been purchased by thousands of businesses worldwide.

Case Study – Anstey Horne

Anstey Horne ( are Chartered Surveyors with a history dating back to 1795. They are specialists in Party Wall rights, where legislation from the Party Wall Act of 1996 needs adhering too. They are also specialists in Right to Light, where legislation dating back to the Prescription Act of 1832 needs understanding. Located on the boundary of the City of London, they have over 30-users of Sage Timeslips, a number that has increased by over 30% in the last few years.

Like many quickly growing businesses, it is all too easy to lose track of project management time allocation and expense reporting. Systems that make it easy for accountants departments to bill clients timely and accurately ensure that invoices are issued on time and are subject to fewer time-consuming queries. Management reports also allow project costs and profitability to be compared, and this information allows future projects to be costed more accurately, making it easier to win new business.

Anstey Horne have now been using Sage Timeslips for twelve years. They originally called on Deepak Sareen Associates after researching the marketplace for a time recording solution and finding that it was within their budget criteria; finally signed up as users after taking references from existing users.

Their final decision to invest was made easier because Timeslips would integrate with their job coding structure, ease of use by key staff and its ability to work with their existing equipment.

Benefits of Sage Timeslips

The subsequent implementation went smoothly and despite an increase in staff and turnover, Anstey Horne have found that Timeslips has allowed them to remain cost effective and competitive.

While it can sometimes be difficult to get every employee to record their time and expenses on time, alerts can be set up that will quickly identify when users are late with their recording so that project data can be updated.

Sage Timeslips is designed to simplify even the most complex billing cycle and includes all the basics you need to record and invoice your time and expenses, along with advanced features such as invoice and report customisation.

However, the final words on the benefits of Sage Timeslips come from Anstey Horne who report that not only is it “Very cost effective,” but more importantly that it, “enables our staff to cope with additional work.”.